Monday, 2 April 2018

How make money online using Paytm or become Paytm agent

Hello friends,  today in this artarti I will help you in make money online using Paytm. This scheme of make monmo online is offered by Paytm officially.

Before starts lets clear some questions about paytm-

1. What is Payments Bank?
RBI has given license to Paytm for operating Payments bank. Paytm Payments Bank is new generation, technology driven bank that enables a completely new and convenient banking experience for customers.

2. What is a Paytm Payments Bank BC Agent?
Paytm Payments Bank is extending its banking services to the customers through agents called Paytm Payments Bank BC Agents. These agents will be the face of Paytm Payments Bank for the customers and will be responsible to spread awareness about bank products and services. BC Agents will also open new savings bank accounts, take deposits and make withdrawals from these accounts.

3. Who can become a BC Agent?
Any individuals like retired bank employees, retired teachers, retired government employees and ex-servicemen, individual owners of kirana / medical / fair Price shops, authorized functionaries of Self Help Groups (SHGs) which are linked to banks can all become a BC Agent. 

4. How can I become a Paytm Payments Bank BC Agent?
Becoming BC Agent is very simple. You just need to follow the following three steps:
  1. Fill the registration form to submit your interest in becoming the BC Agent
  2. We will call you to confirm your details
  3. Our representative will visit you to onboard you as a BC Agent. 

5. What are the earning avenues for a BC Agent?
Paytm Payments Bank BC Agent will earn very attractive and competitive commission for opening savings accounts and doing transactions. For more information on this, please connect with our representative or call on 0120-33663377

6. What investment is needed to become a BC Agent?
  1. Android smart phone
  2. Biometric device
  3. You need to maintain sufficient cash in hand and float in your business wallet to facilitate customer transactions

7. What all services can a Paytm Payments Bank BC Agent offer?
As a BC Agent you can:
  1. Open savings bank account of customers.
  2. Facilitate cash deposit and withdrawal of customers
  3. Cross sell other financial products such as insurance, loans, mutual funds and any other third party products, as and when BC Agent is assigned to do so. 

Note:-:All above questions are represented by Paytm. 

So friends, you can become a BC Agent and start make money online using Paytm. I hope this article will help you in make money online.

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