Thursday, 29 November 2018

Top 9 website/apps for free paytm cash in 2018

As we have write too much post regarding paytm cash, through this article I will conclude best website through which you can make money online. You can make paytm cash daily by these websites and android apps.
These website will take daily maximum of 30 mins and you can make daily 10-50 paytm cash depend on your work and task.
These websites are original and verified by many of bloggers like me and others who working daily to find best recharge tricks and cashback offers.
So let's start the countdown ,

Top 9 website/apps for free paytm cash 2018


In my recommendation it's one of best cashback website where you can get cashback offer on every apps you use.
Its can be paytm, flipkart,amzon or bookmyshow, you will get huge cashback and discount code . The best part is you can redeem your Paytm cash instantly without any terms and conditions.
The min Redeem at buzzycash is Rs 20 paytm cash.
If you are user who complete any 5 offer in just 10 days you will get Rs 50 free paytm cash bonus.
Just go to forms category and complete any 5 offer which will give you approximately 500 paytm cash and you will get Extra 50 rs paytm cash.
I have too many payment proof of this app and you can search on google " buzzycash payment proof 2018" . So if you are still thinking about join, just join buzzycash.
I have personally reviewed buzzycash at my youtube channel so you can check it on here .

 In my 2nd rank I prefer indiasepaks. It is a survey website where I got 70 rupess per survey.
India speaks is one of best survey website and I got my payment too many times. If some ine asked me best survey website ,I will prefer indiasepaks.
At india speaks you don't need to open there website to complete any survey because you will get survey message on your  email id and mobie Number.
On internet I found some bloggers says that india speaks is fraud. But I don't think  that they are right. I have too many payment proof of india speaks and always got my paytm cash from india speaks.
Yeh ☺️, one thing is india speaks take time to pay you. They takes upto 2 month to pay you your payment. But you don't need to open website again and again, you will get your paytm cash directly into your paytm wallet.

 It's again an survey website, but personally I have never used it.
As I found it on internet and found that bloggers get there payment through the panel station app.
As I found they gives upto rs 300 pee survey and that is very good amount of paytm cash per survey.
If you join The panel station, you will get all survey on your email and that ia very good part of the panel station app.
You can join them on there website or you can download there android app on playstore.
I personally recommend first two website so that you can you can good paytm cash . If you found other apps, please comment below them and I will list them here.

4. Google Pay :-
 One of best money transfer base UPI app. 

Just when you make a new account at google pay you will get Rs 51, and best part is you will get rs 51 per refer also.

There are lots of new offers are also available at google pay app. Like book uber taxi and pay using Google pay to get Rs 1000 cashback. This cashback will be directly deposited into your bank account. So why still waiting for join , join now and get Rs 51 signup bonus.

Google pay is very secured UPI based and it never ask for your credit and debit card details, so whenever you use it securely store your data.

5. Injoy App :-

At number 5 in our list is injoy App. Injoy App gives Rs 5 per refer and Rs 50 when you make a new account.

You can redeem these rs 5 instantly into your paytm wallet and there is no hidden terms and conditions with this offer.

To redeem your signup bonus Rs 50 you need min Rs 200 and you get this amount by post images daily on injoy app.

Injoy App is a social media website or app where you get cash on every post you view. You will get cash if you post any photo or text at injoy app.

If we talk about verified app for paytm cash i will recommend injoy app because they gives real paytm cash for every user who join using your refer link.

So start now refering your friends and make good amount of paytm cash daily.

6. Phonepe App:-

When it's come to make money online, phonepe is come. One of best android upi based app where you get Rs 100 cash just by refer friends. Phonepe is top UPI app in india.

When you make a new account at phonepe using this link you will get Rs 100 cash.

Note :- When download phonepe app must do a transaction of Rs 150 or more to your friends. You can send this money to my number. ( I will refund it)

Phonepe and google pay both are UPI apps  and best apps in there type of business.

As per phonepe offers now you can get rs 100 per refer and if your friends download using your link you will get Rs 100 extra.

So refer more and more friends to phonepe and make money easily online.

7. Mobile Xpression App:-

One of the best app for free monthly paytm cash absolutely free. At other apps you have to complete some task to get Paytm cash but at mobile expression app you don't need to complete any task. You will get Rs 300 rupees every month directly in your Amazon wallet it means on your registered email id you will get with 300 rupees coupon code which can be redeemed at

Mobile expression app is oldest app in free monthly Paytm cash. Ofcourse I personally use this app from last 3 years and every month this app pay me Rs 300 rupees every month. What you have to do is simply install the app and keep in your mobile phone . You just need to open the app once a day and it will automatically run in your mobile background.

I personally never found any negative review about mobilexpression on Google. Because every blogger who use mobile expression is found that it is the one of best mobile app which pays you free Amazon cash or you can say it's free Paytm cash.

You can simply check if you are eligible for mobile expression reward application click here and check it.

8. Paybox :-

If you are searching about how make money by completing some simple task, then paybox is one of best website. You can make money by buzzycash (its best) also by downloading  apps and shipping online.

Paybox offers Rs 5 when you make a new account and rs 5 per refer. If you have a good friend base then  paybox is right choice for you.

Best part at paybox is you can make money by posting images and polls. Paybox currently gives rs 5 per post . So that is huge opportunity for you.

In making paytm cash online paybox have its a different size.

So why wait simply join paybox here and get Rs 5 free paytm cash.

9. MPL Pro :-

If you are a game additive and interested in playing games then this app is best of all fir you. You can as much money as you think here.

What the best part is daily Rs 3 to 300 free paytm cash just by open the app. And you can redeem this paytm cash instantly into your paytm cash.

On MPL there are some games where you have to beat others and if you win you get Extra paytm cash .

I pressurely recommend this. Must download this app and i am aur after this you will never uninstall this app.

Here on mpl pro game you will get rewards when you are top winners.

In some games you will get upto Rs 1 lac paytm Cash.
So if you are searching about play games and make paytm cash then mpl pro is good choice for you.

Lets download mpl pro app and redeem your first paytm cash .

Sunday, 25 November 2018

How make money online using fiverr ($192,000 in 2 years)

In today lifestyle, everyone thinks about job at home or

how make money online

by sitting at home. As you know bliggblo is that method through which you can make money online by sitting at home or anywhere in the world.

Fiverr Marketplace
Today, in the series of micro Jobs, i am going to share a fiverr case study with you. After this case study you will know how some one make $192,000 in 2 years.

What is fiverr:- 

It is a marketplace where you can take micro jobs you can a assign micro jobs to others.

On fiverr , you can do any task at min $5 or max as you want. Mins if you accept a task at fiverr you will get a min of $5 .

You can assign peoples to do task for you at $5 and your micro job will do online.

Fiverr is a completly free platform where anyone can join. On every $5 task fiverr will take $1 as commission.

In my view fiverr is best for internet marketers because there are many gigs related to social media, graphics design, video and animation, writing, advertising, building backlinks, blog commenting, logo design, business cards, SEO, copy-writing and many more. Just name any online work and you will find people offer their services in just $5.

In way to make money online using fiverr you need to make an account at fiverr. Then you have to complete your profile and express what you can do. Once you will done all these thing you will get task. As better you will complete task you will get new task.

At fiverr your profile will get levels and as better level you are, more sales you will get.

See this image below:-


As you can see this man complete total of 48000 gigs in 2 years

Means $5*48000 =$192000

So start now on fiverr and make money online by sitting at home.

If you have any questions,let me know.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

(loot trick added)Buzzycash -Rs 5 on signup + Rs 5 per refer(payment proof)

There are many cashback site available in india but the main problem is there minimum payout. Top cashback site have high payout so to  reddem your money you have to reached that minimum payout.

Today, we are come with a new cashback site where minimum redeem is Rs 20. And currently they offering Rs 5 signup bonus and rs 5 per refer .

Apart from this you will get 30% of what your referral make. So why still wait loot now.

Don't worry. In this article we will revel all methods through which you can make good amount of money using buzzycash.

How to get free cash daily :-

2. Now fill you details 

3. Enter refer code :- 6HMR  (Must use to get Rs 5)

4. Now go to shine offer (Max 2 min take ) and get Rs 6 .( When fill the form make 2 years of experience in job)

5. Now complete the panel station offer and get Rs 9. 

Total =9+6+5 = 20( Now redeem this amount ) 

Refer and earn using buzzycash-

1.  Now go to account and share your refer link with friends.

2. Once your friends register and complete any offer you will get Rs 5. You can redeem this Rs 5 instantly.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Propeller ads review : alternative to adsense and payment proof

Propeller ads review

-In this article I am going to review propeller ads ad network. if I say this is the best network for copyright content it is not wrong because you can use this ad network with any type of content like movie download or copyright content.

Before propeller ads I have reviewed some of good ad networks like adnow review and popads ,magenet review and this is the another way through which you can make good money with your wordpress website or blogspot website or any other type of platform.

This is the one of best ad network because it gives you every type of advertisement. If you are using native advertisements , popads ,push notification advertisements and any other type of ADS then this ad network is good for your website. Because through this platform you can make money when your website is shutdown or your website is not running on perform and how it works I will go step by step in this article.

PropellerAds offer various ad types:
Native Direct Ads
Interstitial mobile ads
Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
Banner advertising for all standard size
Push notification ads

Before proceed further lets take a look on payment proof :-

Find interesting , how to start make money with propeller ads.

1. Go and register as a new account as a publisher .

2. Now activate your account.

3. Go to ad new site and ad your website.

4. Now verify your website by adding ad code on your website. Once you paste code on your website you can start make money using propller ads.

Let we discuss type of advertisement offered by propeller ads network.

1. Pop under ads : This is type of ads that open when you click anywhere on the website. This ad code is open in another window. Propller ads use anti ad blocker so not to worry about that.

2.Native direct ads:


This is the another type of advertisement. In this type of ad network you can direct send traffic to a particular link and get paid for every visitor who visit on link.

In this type ads you can make upto $15 per 1000 visitor and it's depend on your geo.

3. Push notifications :

With push notifications you can monetize your users when they not visit on your website. It means once a user became your push notifications user ,receive direct ads when start Internet on device.

Minimum payout : This the one of deciding factor where you can withdraw your money or not. High payout is some time get suck and you cant withdraw.


Conclusion : In my recommendation ,you must give it a try because it can be possible that you can make more amount comparative to adsense or any other ad network.

Some of questions Asked about propeller ads:-

1. How much do propeller ads pay .
If your website receive 1000 visitor per day and ecpm is $5 in your geo then in 30 days you can make $150. Its just a good amount because you can use it with adsense.

2. Can i use propeller ads with adsense.
Yes ,you can . The propller ads network compile with adsense and you can use both network together.

3. How do i verify wordpress website with propeller ads.
You can verify it with two methods. One Is by using there official plugin and another is by insert ads code in head section of website.

In this review ,I just try to cover all issues often occurs in mind of publisher . But if any questions that you have ,you can ask me in comment section below.


Monday, 8 October 2018

(Giveaway)free Rs 50 paytm cash for every user

Free Rs 50 for every user. No task ,No ad only free paytm cash

This money will be distributed by paytm lucky lifafa algorithm so you can get between Rs 2 to Rs 50 as your luck .

Why wait....

Redeem here

Follow step by step guide to redeem your cash.....

This offer is sponsored by this here to know or register

How to get free Rs 50 paytm cash :-

1. Click this link.

2. Visit the paytm app or website.

3. Redeem your lucky lifafa.

4. Thanks for being with

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Earn daily 100 rupees without investment :paybox review

How many times you have search on Google "earn 100 rupess per day online " or " earn daily 1000 rupees without investment" I say many times. There are other keywords also which used by person like you and me also.

But what we really get. "NOTHING" . is i am wrong,yes I was but now ,i am not. Yes you can make daily rs 100 without investment and in this post i will show how you can make.

So let's start .

To earn 300 rupees per day you need an internet connection and of course you have one.

How make rs 100 daily

This is a website pay-box. Yes pay-box pay you daily cash for completing some easy task and you can reddem your cash instantly in your Paytm wallet or bank account. earn 500 per day without investment"

How to "earn 100 rs per day online":-

1. Join paybox website . You can join by click here

2.Now sign up using facebook .

3. Verify your mobile no.

4. Congrats ,you get Sign up bonus of rs 50 from paybox.

5. Now complete some task like daily login and some other task and redeem your Paytm cash.
Its awesome na.

Some users ask me how to earn 1000 rs per day without investment online ,for them this post is ok but not enough ,but dont worry guys I will come back with some more way to help you in to earn 1000 rs per day without investment.

Now Lets discuss what task you have to complete "earn 500 per day working from home" or by using paybox website.

1) By Participate in contest: there are some contest which are from rs 50- 500 base on contest ,so this method is  good ,just participate and get cash.

2) By playing games: yes,you will get cash for playing games .

3) By paid pools: paid polls are good because you just need to vote ,nothing else to do and you get money.

4) By Post a pool :you get paid  by posting pools means just by asking questions.

5)By daily login challenge: just login daily and get free cash.

6) By refer and earn :you very well know about this method.

Some other terms are also asked and I will them in my next article like earn 50 rupees daily or earn 10000 daily without investment"

Here are some queations asked by users about paybox app :-

What is PayBox? Why should I use it?

PayBox is an innovative gratification platform helping users earn free recharge by doing participating in simple tasks like playing games, referring friends, taking part in paid polls, bonus free recharge vouchers, etc.

Is it possible to update email & mobile no?
Yes, you can update email & mobile no. But the new details shall be update only after verifying the mobile or email id.

How do I earn by playing games?
We have three games live on the website that can be played to earn free recharge. We give limited free chances everyday to all the users to play games.

How do I earn by posting a poll?
We allow users to post a poll on PayBox and if your poll request is approved you get paid Rs.5 PayTM cash added to the wallet.

How does PayBox wallet work?
PayBox wallet is a virtual account that keeps the track of free recharge you have earned through various activities.
How long will it take for redemption request to be processed?
Generally it happens with couple of hours, sometimes it can take upto 48 working hours to process the request.

And finally terms and conditions -

Terms And Conditions:-
This Agreement is a legal document, which sets out your rights and obligations, and those of PayBox (“we”, “us” or “PayBox”), in relation to this site and the services offered by us through it (the “PayBox Service”). You must take the time to read and understand it before registering for the PayBox Service. By registering, you accept that you are entering into a contract with us on the terms of this Agreement. You should be aware that this Agreement may change from time to time in accordance with Clause 16 below.

People who register for the PayBox Service establish an “Account”, and become “Account Holders”. The latest version of these Terms & Conditions will be made available under the “Terms & Conditions” link on the Site as well as through the link titled “User Terms & Conditions” available at, and you should review these Terms & Conditions prior to each visit to the Site or use the Service. Other documents referred to in these Terms & Conditions are also available at

Monday, 1 October 2018

How make free bitcoin online :Pivot app review

How make free bitcoin online. This post in which i am going to share how you can make free bitcoin online,i will share an app which is really good and i found that this will really work for you.

Note : Only serious guys need to read this post,if you are just checking it then it not work for you.

So lets start with pivot free bitcoin giving app.
As you know at present bitcoin is a trending currency and everyone (I also) want to make some bitcoin by sitting at home.

Making bitcoin at home is not as easy as we think . some other blogger (Spammers) post "Make free bitcoin at home " "How I make free bitcoin at home in india(country specific keyword) "case study :free bitcoin mining app " . All these post are spam and only for wasting your time.

In this article ,I am talking about an app which is invested millions of dollars to make this business ,so everyone (sitting at home) can make some bitcoins.

Pivot app : An online app which give bitcoins for using there app and share articles online.

You just need to join pivot app and start using there app. They share daily some bitcoins within there users.

At next day you will know how much you make through pivot app.

On this app you can share you blog post also and make some extra money.

Many pivot users share there payment proof on the app which you can check by using pivot app.

So try to be patient because no one become billionaire in a day.

What is bitcoin :-
Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

Now let me share how you can start with bitcoin :-

As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical details. Once you've installed a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile phone, it will generate your first Bitcoin address and you can create more whenever you need one. You can disclose your addresses to your friends so that they can pay you or vice versa. In fact, this is pretty similar to how email works, except that Bitcoin addresses should be used only once.

So to start with bitcoin you only need wallet and to get balance in wallet you need pivot app.

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